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Nina Van Schepdael acquired her Bachelor degree in archaeology at the KU Leuven in Belgium, specialising in prehistorical archaeology. For her Master she specialised in Archaeobotany at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands. Her Master thesis was dedicated to an environmental reconstruction of the Middle Pleistocene archaeological site Barnham (England) based on plant macrofossils. In March 2018 Nina started as doctoral candidate in the CROSSROADS project at the University of Tübingen. For her doctoral dissertation she is making a palaeoreconstruction of the local and regional vegetation of the Middle Pleistocene archaeological site Marathousa 1 (Greece) at the time of hominin occupation as well as the change of the vegetation before and after the hominin occupation, based on palynological remains.
Academic Background
2018 - onwardsPhD position as palynologist within CROSSROADS project
University of Tübingen (DE)
2017 - 2018Science Master Archaeobotany and Palaeolithic archaeology
University of Leiden (NL)
Master thesis: A Palaeoenvironmental Reconstruction Based on Plant Macrofossil Analysis of Sediment from the Early Hoxnian site at East Farm, Barnham, Suffolk (England)
2016Premaster in archaeological sciences
University of Leiden (NL)
Summer School
Vikings in Scandinavia
Aarhus University (DK)
2013 - 2016Bachelor in de Archeologie
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (BE)
Bachelor paper: Rethinking Out of Africa
Fieldwork Experience
2018CROSSROADS – Marathousa 1 (Greece): academic excavation at a Middle Pleistocene site; pollen sampling, excavating.
2017The British Museum – Barnham (England): Field school at a Lower Palaeolithic site.
2016ADC and VEC – Meldert, Lummen (BE): Preventive excavation. Medieval and Iron Age.
2015KULeuven voor onroerend erfgoed – Kolibos, Neerpelt (BE): Prospection: test trenches. Prehistoric site.
Doctorat research of Jean-Antoine Ségura, Université de Marseille - Sainte Candie, Roquebrune-sur-Argens (FR): Medieval site of habitats perchés of the 7th-9th century.
Service d’Archéologie et du Patrimoine de Fréjus – Fréjus (FR) : Historic site (Roman). Excavation and depot internship.
2014Field School – Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (BE): simulation of an archaeological excavation to learn excavation techniques.
2013BAAC – Mechelen (BE): Rescue excavation at a Prehistoric site.
Museum Experience
2016Gallo-Romeins Museum – Tongeren (BE): Internship in the depot of the museum. Registration of the museum pieces; assessment of the collections; photographing the collection.
Teaching Experience
2018 - 2019Leiden University - Faculty of Archaeology (NL): teaching assistant 3rd bachelor semester-long practical seminar for palaeobotany; teaching, helping with determinations.
2018Leiden University – Faculty of Archaeology (NL): teaching assistant 2nd Bachelor practical in Archaeobotany.

Contact Information

  • Position Title: PhD Student
  • Location: Rümelinstrasse 23, room 519
  • E-mail address: nina.van-schepdael [at] ifu.uni-tuebingen.de